Hi, I'm Katherine!

I am someone who likes to live outside my comfort zone to ensure I keep learning and that I always have plenty of interesting stories to tell. This has led me to become somewhat of a polymath, with particular interests in applied sustainability, entrepreneurship, and clear and concise communication. I like managing projects, developing and facilitating trainings, and writing technical documents and grants.

People who work with me appreciate my transparency and instinct to build authentic relationships from the get go. I tend to be an open book and you will soon get to know the many contradicting facets of my personality; an artist engineer; a sociable introvert; a detail oriented big picture thinker; an adventurous homebody… you get the drift.  

Work with me if you like the job well done the first time, if you like the odd sarcastic joke to brighten up your day, and if you like the give and take of feedback so we can work well together for time to come. 

Hope to collaborate soon :)