About Moi

Katherine is a bilingual Montrealer, whose unconventional upbringing nurtured an inquisitive, perceptive old soul. She is always learning, observing and analyzing, its a wonder she sleeps so well at night.

Working odd jobs at a young age facilitated learning about life through experience and adventure - and boy is she now glad she can say she is an expert cow-milker. 

She has grown to be an amateur anthropologist and avid foodie, who prioritizes experiences over materials. She has lived in many Canadian cities, in Singapore, and has had the fortune of spending several life-altering months traveling alone through many far off places.

Her experiences have lead her to be a confident and independent person, with diverse skills and unique perspectives. She loves to solve problems, identify inefficiencies and implement systems to make the day to day smoother (her roommates love and hate this about her). 

Katherine's winding road has finally lead to Vancouver BC, where she sees herself staying put! Her experiences from being an entrepreneur, to working in a corporation, have taught her a lot about life and herself. She is looking to embrace her creative side, her entrepreneurial side and explore her enthusiasm for learning about the tech industry. 

Stay tuned, there's more to this story.